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Shanghai Paddington Bilingual Kindergarten is a full-time private kindergarten founded in September 2016. The Kindergarten is integrated with Shanghai Paddington Bilingual School, forming a complete K15 basic education park.

Adhering to the concept of "Enable Every Child to Build A Strong Body to Start", the Kindergarten aims to train children to be "Physically Strong, Mentally Strong, Intelligently Strong" for future development. We have created high-quality facilities and equipment, diversified and personalized curriculum system and high-quality service commitment for children.

Since the opening of the Kindergarten four years ago, we have undertaken many public exhibition activities at the urban level, and received leaders, experts and peers from home and abroad to visit and exchange ideas.

The Kindergarten has passed the grade evaluation for Level 2 Class 1, the District’s Special Supervision of “Normalization of School-running Behavior of Private Kindergarten”, and the District’s Special Inspection and Guidance of “Curriculum and Teaching”, all of which have been recognized and highly affirmed by the expert group. In December 2018, Sheng Jia, a young teacher of the Kindergarten, won the first prize for excellent “Young and Middle-aged Teachers” in Shanghai among social forces running kindergarten. In 2020, we won the honors of Shanghai Model School of Governing Schools by Law, Shanghai Safe and Civilized Campus, and Fengxian District Women's Civilized Post, and our popularity in the society has been continuously improved.

Looking forward to the future, all the staff of Paddington Kindergarten will continue to work hard, forge ahead pragmatically, and move towards newer and higher goals with full enthusiasm, new look and scientific attitude!

  • 办园理念


    School-running Concept

    Enable Every Child to Build A Strong Body to Start.

  • 办园特色


    Features of school-running

    Ecological, Natural, Healthy and Happy.

  • 发展目标


    Development goal

    To build a high-quality private kindergarten in Shanghai with "fine
    management, exquisite environment,
    wonderful courses, excellent team and meticulous service".

School Advantages


培养“心灵强壮 体能强壮 智能强壮”的面向未来发展的儿童群体

To train children to be 〝Mentally Strong, Physically Strong, Intelligently Strong〞 for future development.